Why Get Braces?

If you think about it, there are actually tons of reasons why orthodontics is a great investment that can be enjoyed, and have a positive impact, for your entire life. Here are seven reasons why choosing to get orthodontics for you or your child can be one of the best decisions you ever make:

Reason #1: Orthodontics Will Prevent Tooth Decay and Problems Later in Life
Crooked teeth are harder to brush and floss properly and as a result, people who do not have braces are statistically more likely to have cavities and need dental work such as root canals or have gingivitis which may require dentures in mid-life. When you consider how much treating cavities, root canals, etc costs, braces are worth it financially just for that reason.

Reason  #2: You May Be Able To Breathe Better
This is especially true for children as they  get older. Because the roof of the mouth can block the airway, it can lead to breathing problems, poor sleeping and other problems. Of course, this isn't the case in all types of crooked teeth, but it is the case in some. Braces can also help improve breathing for adults as well.

Reason  #3: You Will Be More Confident, Have a Better Self-Esteem, and Fell Better About Their Appearance
Having straight, attractive teeth helps people feel more confident and be happier. Feeling better about your image helps people be more motivated to succeed in life.
Reason  #4: It Can Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease 
People who have braces, especially as a child or teen have a lower incidence of cardiovascular (heart) disease. Here is a link that discussed the relationship between gum disease (which can result from bacteria lodged in crooked teeth) and cardiovascular disease.

Reason #5: People With Straight Teeth Have a Better Chance At Landing a Good Job
Think about it. If you were hiring someone and you had to choose between someone with good teeth and someone with horrible teeth, who would you choose?
TV news magazines have done stories demonstrating how pretty, attractive people were more likely to be offered jobs that those who were not attractive. There is no denying that having an excellent smile makes someone more attractive, which can only help in the job market.

Reason #6: It Helps Your Social Life
Common sense tells you that a nice smile is a plus when you're on the dating market (or when, one day, when they are old enough, your children are). Whether its for your kids future, or your own future, there is no doubt that a good smile makes a person more attractive.

Reason #7: You Will Have a Beautiful, Glowing Smile
Braces provide people with a gorgeous smile that they can be proud of. When you add it all up, braces are worth it for physical and psychological benefits.

If you are reading this, and thinking that there's no way you could afford braces - remember we offer a broad range of financing options that allow people to get a beautiful smile no matter what their income range. 

We look forward to giving you or your child the priceless smile of their dreams that you/they can enjoy every day for the rest of your life!

Everyone deserves a beautiful smile:

Even while you where braces, they are more attractive than crooked teeth: