Choosing Your Colors: Post #2

So continuing with our "10 ways to choose your braces colors", here's a few more reasons:

9) Wave Your Flag!: Whereever you're from, show a little pride in your heritage. Whether it’s the red, white, and blue of the USA, red and white for Canada, or green, white, and red for Mexico, matching the colors with your patriotic pride is a wonderful way to show the world where you’re from.

8) Cheering on your team: Match your elastics to those of your favorite team. Here are a few color combinations for our home-town teams to get you started:

  • Dark Blue + Orange = Denver Broncos
  • Burgundy + Steel Blue = Colorado Avalanche
  • Black (Or Silver) + Purple = Colorado Rockies
  • Powder Blue + Gold = Denver Nuggets
  • Light Blue + Red = Colorado Rapids

7) School Spirit: Consider representing your school by smiling its colors. It doesn’t matter if you play in the band, perform on the stage, represent on the field or are just a dedicated student, school spirit shows you take pride in your school.

6) Celebrate good times, come on!: Change your colors to blend with a special occasion. Whether it’s a wedding, a school dance, or any other occasion, matching your outfit and the colors of your smile to the occasion is a great fashion statement.

5) Show your Heart!: The world we live in is full of issues that demand our attention. By becoming aware, and sharing that awareness with others, we can motivate change and progression through action. While others often hang or wear ribbons for awareness, those who wear braces can show their advocacy every time they smile. Here’s a few colors and their respective meanings to get you started:

  • Pink = Breast cancer awareness. (October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month)
  • Black and White = Rare-disease awareness.
  • Yellow = Support our Troops.
  • Blue = Bullying awareness.
  • Periwinkle = Eating Disorder awareness.

More ideas to come!

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