Laying the Foundation for a Lifelong Healthy Smile

You may be surprised that your child’s first orthodontic visit can be as early as age six or seven, as recommended by the American Association of Orthodontists. Why so early you may ask? By age seven, your Denver area orthodontist will be able to see any developmental issues that may have the potential of turning into problems down the road.

By that age, your child’s first molars will likely have erupted and his or her teeth will continue to grow in until about age 12. After an extensive oral exam and analyzing of X-rays, your orthodontist will be able to determine the following:

  • Movement and growth of jaw

  • Impacted teeth

  • Missing teeth

  • Overcrowding

Depending on each patient’s individual case, your orthodontist will determine if early treatment will benefit your child, or if it would be more beneficial to wait for treatment at a later date. One example of the potential benefit for early treatment is that young jaws move more easily so some treatments can be more effective at a young age. Also, with baby teeth still in there is more flexibility in moving teeth.

Seeing your orthodontist at an early age can help by:

  • Making room for teeth that haven’t erupted yet

  • Saving protruding teeth

  • Correcting over or under bites

  • Aligning jaws so your teeth meet correctly when chewing

  • Getting rid of damaging habits like thumb or finger sucking

Not all exams result in immediate orthodontic treatment. Some orthodontic problems are easier to fix once your child reaches the teen years. But finding out early if your child has orthodontic problems can give you time to plan future treatments. By monitoring the growth of your child’s teeth, you can save time and money by getting ahead of any potential problems and by planning treatment at the best time for your child.

If you want to find out about any potential orthodontic problems your child may have, contact the experienced orthdontists at All About Braces with Colorado offices in Denver, Aurora, Lakewood, Arvada and more! They even have an online appointment request form. Complete it and you’ll be on your way to finding out what orthodontic treatment your child may need and laying the foundation for a lifelong healthy smile.

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