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Do Braces Hurt?

Your team of Denver area orthodontists are the best at making sure you have a positive orthodontic treatment experience. But if you’re just now thinking about beginning treatment, you may be nervous about getting braces or Invisalign aligners and wonder if there is any pain involved in the process. We want to be as up front as possible in letting you know exactly what you will experience when you visit our Aurora, Arvada or Thornton offices for braces treatment.

Getting Your Braces On

Your appointment to put on your new braces is fast and completely pain-free. First, your teeth will be conditioned, rinsed, dried, and sealed - a totally painless procedure - to prepare your teeth for braces (or brackets.) Our orthodontic specialists are skilled at creating an advance plan to cement your brackets in exactly the precise place for the most successful treatment. Although it may take up to two hours to cement your brackets in place, there is no discomfort as your orthodontist will simply use a dental cement on each tooth and stick your bracket in place. When the rings on your back teeth are put in place, you may feel a slight pressure, but it is usually controlled by you as you bite down on a stick to push those in place. After the brackets are cemented, your orthodontist will set the archwire into brackets and then use ligatures (tiny colored O-rings or thin wires) to attach the archwire to the brackets. This might produce a slight pressure.

After First Getting Your Braces On

While your time at our Aurora orthodontist office should be pain-free, the next few hours and over the following few days you may experience some discomfort from your new orthodontic appliance. When you exercise muscles that are not used to the workout, those muscles tend to react with some pain and discomfort. That’s the same type of discomfort your teeth, gums and jaws may produce following getting your braces. The archwire installed will begin to put pressure on your mouth as it attempts to begin moving your teeth and jaws into place. You may experience some tenderness when you bite or chew and possibly a slight headache. Our Denver area orthodontists recommend eating soft foods during this time and taking over-the-counter ibuprofen. Most of our patients say that the discomfort is more annoying than painful, but if you feel extreme pain or think your pain is unusual, don’t hesitate to contact our office

Rubbing Cheeks and Lips

At the very beginning of your braces treatment, your mouth will need to get used to the new structures that are on your teeth. During this time, your brackets may rub the inside of your cheeks and lips. To assist you, your orthodontist will give you wax to cover the part of the bracket that may be a problem. Once your mouth becomes accustomed to your braces, you will not need to use the wax and you should not have any discomfort from rubbing braces.

Orthodontist Visits to Adjust or Tighten Your Braces

During your braces treatment, you will make regular visits to the Thornton orthodontist office every six to eight weeks  for adjustments, sometimes called tightening, of your braces. At this time, your orthodontist will change and/or adjust your archwire to continue putting pressure on your teeth to move into place. Following these visits, you may experience discomfort and tenderness. Similar to when you first received your braces, we recommend soft foods, but this discomfort shouldn’t last more than 24 to 48 hours. Regardless of whether you are wearing metal or ceramic braces, or using Invisalign clear aligners, anytime your teeth are pressured to move, you may experience some initial discomfort.

Getting Braces Off

Just like when you got your braces ON, getting them off doesn’t hurt at all. We remove your brackets using debonding pliers that pop off the brackets without any pain. Then, we polish off the glue that feels like a tickling vibration to reveal your slick, straight, beautiful smile. Once you arrange for your retainer, you’ll be on your way to show off your new look!

Still Concerned? Give All About Braces A Call Today!

Our All About Braces orthodontic team wants to answer any concerns you have about your braces treatment. Just give one of our convenient Denver area locations a call. We can explain the exact procedure you will experience, show you how to use braces wax, ease your fears. We promise that for the majority of time you wear your braces you will not even remember you have them on. Whether you’re still wondering why you should get braces, or you’re ready to get started on the journey to the smile you’ve always dreamed of, use our online appointment form to schedule your first free consultation. We look forward to you joining our family of smiles.

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