Foods to Avoid While Wearing Braces

At All About Braces, our mission is to help patients throughout the greater Denver area revitalize their smile through orthodontic treatment – and we're proud to help countless patients with that goal every day. If you're currently undergoing treatment with braces or are considering straightening your smile with braces, you probably already know there are a number of lifestyle adjustments to make during treatment. One of the biggest is diet: you'll need to adjust your diet while wearing braces, but it can be confusing to know exactly which foods to avoid. Thankfully, we're here to help.

What Not to Eat with Braces

While modern braces are more durable than ever, it's still important to take good care of them – and there are a number of foods you'll need to avoid to prevent damaging your braces. Here are the main categories of foods to steer clear of during orthodontic treatment:

  • Hard Foods: Things like hard candies, hard-shelled bread, raw carrots and other raw vegetables, apples, or anything else hard or crunchy. Sometimes it's ok to eat these if they're cut into small pieces, but use extreme caution to avoid breaking off brackets.
  • Tough Foods: Any tough foods that require a lot of chewing, like jerky or some other cooked meats, should be avoided or eaten with care to protect braces.
  • Sticky Foods: Sticky foods can both break off brackets and get stuck in braces, making them extra important to avoid. Foods like laffy taffy, nut butters, gum, caramel, and other thick, sticky foods should be avoided during treatment.
  • Anything Inedible: This may sound obvious, but many people have a habit of chewing erasers, fingernails, and other inedible objects. However, during treatment, these can pose the risk of damaging braces – so try to break these habits before starting treatment.

The Best Foods to Eat with Braces

So what can you eat during treatment with braces? Plenty of delicious foods! In general, any food that isn't hard, sticky, crunchy, gooey, brittle, or full of sugar is fair game. Here are some examples of excellent food options during treatment with braces:

  • Steamed vegetables
  • Lean, soft meats like chicken breast
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Soft fruits & berries
  • Yogurt
  • Soft cheeses
  • Soft grains
  • Soft bread (most patients find sliced bread with a soft crust is the best option)

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While it can take some time to adjust to these dietary changes, keep in mind that they're only temporary – and they'll help to both protect your braces and help you achieve the best smile possible. Interested in finding out how orthodontic treatment can help you achieve a new smile of your own? We'd love to help. Use our easy online form to request a consultation at one of our offices. We'll work with you to create a treatment plan that suits your lifestyle and set you on the path to a beautiful new smile!

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