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What Information Do I Need For My Invisalign Appointment?

As Invisalign braces rise in popularity throughout all of Colorado, it’s very likely you could be ready to embark on the journey yourself! If so, you’re in for some great results, but in order to get to the finish line, you have to make it through those first appointments. Intake at healthcare services can be complicated, so complete this checklist before your first appointment!

First Appointment Checklist

Not everyone realizes how much background investigation goes into getting any type of dental work done. When you go in for your first Invisalign appointment, you need to have quite a bit of information about yourself present and ready to document for them.

1. Patient Forms

Anytime you go to a new doctor or get important work done on your body and mouth, you’ll have to allow enough time to go through patient forms and fill them out completely and properly. Invisalign in Denver is no different, but many orthodontists will offer you the option to print out the forms beforehand, and have them ready upon arrival. Make sure you have done this if you want to avoid the long wait in the office.

2. Major Medical & Dental History

You will be asked to provide a good, comprehensive history regarding your physical and oral health. This should include any pre-existing conditions, like diabetes or anemia, as well as past surgeries or problems that have been solved. Make sure you put down everything relating to your oral health.

3. Insurance Information

You will need your insurance card, as well as the holder’s information if you are not the primary insurance holder. This could be if you have a parent, a spouse, or partner that holds the insurance in their name. You’ll need their birthday, employment information, full name, and possibly social security number in addition to your own insurance card.

4. Your Personal Information

Make sure you know or bring along your social security number. You will also have to provide your phone numbers, emails, addresses, and former names used. This helps you be fully added to their database, and you usually only have to do this once unless you need to update one of the sections.

5. An Emergency Contact

Making sure you provide any health care service with a reliable emergency contact is key. They’ll want names, phone numbers, addresses, and emails. Sometimes you may need to specify the relationship between you both, also.

6. A List of Questions

A new dental procedure is scary, even when it’s as simple as Invisalign. Coming prepared with any questions or concerns you have clearly lined out on paper can help you stay focused and cut back on your anxiety.

What To Expect With Invisalign

Invisalign Braces have been becoming very popular with adults thanks to their low noticeability and noninvasive procedure. They are a discreet, simple solution to the traditional metal braces, and are very affordable for most budgets. On your first appointment, you can expect to be fitted and shown how to properly use your Invisalign aligner.

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