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Will Braces Really Make a Difference?

When confronted with the cost and time length that goes into corrective braces for teeth, many are hesitant to sign up for the job. The biggest question many wonder is if braces are really worth all that money, time, and effort - and risk!

Making that decision is up to you, but when you consider what happens to your teeth with braces before and after the correction, the answer is pretty clear about the value of the practice. Better smiles can be achieved with straighter teeth, properly adjusted jaw and bite, and fixed gaps or overlaps.

So, you may be walking into a big decision when it comes to braces. Let’s review the pros and cons of braces to help decide if the real difference they make is even worth it, or if you should grin and bare those imperfections!

Pro: Reduces risk for disease and decay

When teeth are not properly aligned in your mouth, there is an increased chance of getting gum disease, which can infect your teeth when untreated, or suffering from tooth decay. Teeth that overlap and are pushed together provide hard-to-brush spots that break down much easier.

Pro: Corrective smiles are healthier and happier

Anyone who has suffered insecurity over their smiles or health problems, such as jaw or head pain or problems brushing, understands the struggle. Braces take care of everything relating to an unhealthy, unhappy smile… if you can get through the months of a metal mouth, first.

Pro: You’ll need less dental work in the future

Having braces now helps you later. Crooked teeth without good alignment cause several problems down the line for your dental health. From cavities to infections to painful jaw disorders, a mismatched smile can be dangerous for your wellbeing and wallet in adult life. If you need braces, it’s best to do it quickly and get it over with before you’re met with more problems.

Con: The experience is expensive

No matter what kind of braces you get, you’re looking at a few thousand dollars in dental bills before insurance. There are ways around this, of course, and financing options, but it’s safe to say that the high cost of braces is the biggest deterrent for most. This may be why more adults can be seen with them later in life, since their families were unable to afford it as a child.

Con: Increased difficulty brushing

Though crooked teeth are also difficult brush, trying to navigate your mouth full of braces can be nearly as difficult, especially when it comes to flossing. Brushing your teeth with braces is still very important, so you need to devote extra time to the task.

Making A Difference

The difference braces make effects you both visually from the start, but also within in many ways. Not only do your teeth become straight and your jaw properly positioned, increasing your outer beauty, but the change within is made as well. Braces make a difference by protecting your gums and teeth from decay and disease, and giving your soul a great confidence booster with a stunning smile after the job has been completed.

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