How Can I Help My Family and Friends Choose the Right Orthodontist?

Trusting someone enough to work on your teeth is a hard decision to make! While we may take dentists and orthodontists for granted, and think little about where we choose to go, it’s a very important decision. Getting connected with the right orthodontist can make all the difference when it comes to your needs and your experiences getting dental work.

If you have loved ones who are unhappy with their current practice, or are in the market for a new orthodontist for up-coming dental work, you need to make sure you’re up to speed to be their best assistant.

Choosing The Right Orthodontist

You can make helping your friends and family find an orthodontist Lakewood by following these 4 easy steps to ensure all the bases are covered. It can be hard to know who is the best pick, so offering this support to your loved ones in checking up on their options can be very helpful.

1.   Make a List

Keeping all the important questions in mind is a little difficult, so make life easier for your friends and family by giving them a list! When making sure you’re choosing the best orthodontist, there is quite a few things to ask about and make sure line up with your needs. On your list, you should include questions about:

  • Level of Experience
  • Procedure Time Length & Costs
  • Payment Plans or Options
  • Office Hours (For working parents)
  • Consultation Fees

All of these things are very important to know when choosing an orthodontist, so help your friends stay organized to ensure nothing is missed or skimmed over that could cause conflict later.

2.   Check Insurance Policies

Finding a great orthodontist and realizing they don’t accept your insurance is one of the most disappointing frustrations life has to offer. Always remind your friends or make sure you’re double-checking for them when it comes to the insurance they accept, and what the difference is from office to office.

Some places won’t accept co-payments, or it will affect the deductible differently, or maybe not be accepted entirely. Knowing about payment plans also helps you make a decision if you can’t find a local office in Lakewood with your insurance coverage.

3.   Think Of The Family

A family friendly orthodontist is usually a great choice, but their anesthesia methods and updated machinery may be more expensive. If your friends and family are searching for the best fit, you need to help them take into account everyone who will, or may need, dental work done.

4.   Consider the Work To Be Done

What sort of dental work is needed, or may be needed? Will there be a need for multiple sets of braces or retainers? Thinking ahead and comparing costs about the dental work you know needs done, and making educated guesses about the future, can help narrow down the choices and get the most for your money.

Ask your family and friends that you’re helping about what procedures and orthodontic work is available at their top choices, and consider the average prices. Add it all up, check insurance, and cover this list, and the best choice should be obvious by the end of this worksheet!

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