How Old Should My Child Be To See An Orthodontist?

Visiting the orthodontist for the first time is a big step for kids, and it’s the first of many important medical visits that will help define and shape your children’s oral health as the years go on. We all want our little ones to stay young forever, and each new change or appointment can feel like time is moving fast; but the orthodontist plays a very important role in the development of your child’s teeth. Scheduling your first orthodontist appointment for your child shouldn’t be something you put off, especially if you’ve been referred or recommended by your regular dentist.

The Best Age For An Orthodontist Visit

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all age that works for all children. It’s very dependent on the kid in question and their unique oral and dental needs.

Most commonly, children see an orthodontist around the age of 7, but an appointment may be needed earlier or later than this age. It’s best to talk with your regular oral hygienist about when you should be considering orthodontic treatment for your child.

The rule of thumb that most dentists and parents follow is to schedule an appointment around the time several adult teeth are present or growing in.

When To See An Orthodontist

Knowing when to see an orthodontist can be difficult to determine, especially if you’re not entirely sure what dental work is done and what should be considered a priority for your child’s oral health. The easiest way to know when it’s time is when your dentist refers you, or mentions that it may be best to schedule an orthodontist appointment. If you’re unsure, ask your dentist can help give you a better idea about your child’s unique development.

Other ways to determine if an orthodontist needs penciled in on the calendar is if you notice a lot of placement issues with your child’s teeth. Sometimes as baby teeth fall out and the adult teeth grow in, you can see early signs of crooked teeth or alignment problems. As soon as these start to become more obvious or cause pain and difficulty, you should contact an orthodontist to schedule an appointment.

Dentist VS Orthodontist

These two oral hygiene professions are commonly confused and mistaken for one another. When it comes to health, cleaning, and general care of your mouth and teeth, a dentist assumes this role. You should have regular check-ups as both a child and adult to ensure your teeth stay clean and free of cavities.

An orthodontist takes on a more specific but equally important role in your oral health. They deal with the placement and alignment of the teeth, as well as the jaw. Things like tooth gaps, bite issues, missing teeth, and odd tooth placement fall under the job duties of an orthodontist.

Together, these two medical experts can help you stay healthy and clean, but also have a healthy bite and jaw. For your growing child, it’s important to address issues quickly to correct them in time.

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