Is Invisalign Right For My Teen?

How many of us had to suffer those awkward teenage years with the added stress of braces? For several, the answer is an unfortunate yes. Braces are an amazing tool and treatment for crooked and misaligned teeth, and it's a benefit to our oral health is indisputable. However, it’s also quite the responsibility and long-lasting commitment to make, especially for a teenager.

Braces are typically put into the mouths of those who need them between the ages of 11 - 13 to start, and then can stay on for more than a year in most cases. Some patients will spend multiple years with their wire tracks, which comes with several orthodontist appointments, meticulous brushing and cleaning, and dozens of family photos sporting a mouth of metal.

Looking For An Alternative To Braces For Your Teen?

Many families find a way to make traditional braces work, and this is still considered the most common course of treatment for crooked and misaligned teeth. It’s important to know that this is not your only option, though! Many parents have chosen an alternative course of action, and we’re proud to offer Invisalign Teen.

What Is Invisalign Teen?

These aligners work very similarly to Invisalign, an orthodontic solution rapidly growing in popularity. Special Invisalign aligners are fitted to your teen’s teeth, but unlike traditional braces, you can remove the aligner. It’s also designed to be nearly invisible and is by far the most discreet option for this form of dental work.

Is Invisalign Teen Better Than Traditional Braces?

It’s hard to say directly one is better than the other, since they both come with unique pros and cons. For teens, these aligners take away a lot of the common frustrations related to braces, such as having to eliminate certain foods, causing issue with extracurricular music activities or sports, and being tough to clean.

One of the biggest selling points that teens enjoy is the invisibility of the aligners in their mouth. It’s hard to notice that it’s there at all unless you really look close and know to pay attention to it. For an age that is very focused on finding confidence in your appearance, this is an invaluable benefit that so many families appreciate.

It’s not all cosmetic, of course! Our Invisalign Teen aligners also have special features designed for these formative mouths. Improved space for wisdom tooth growth, helpful dots that gauge the life of your aligner, and improved cleaning accessibility all benefit your teen in ways that braces can’t compare.

Is Invisalign Right For My Teen?

If your teen fits the following situations, Invisalgn Teen may be right for them.

  • Lacks the dedication needed for thorough tooth cleaning
  • Has concerns about the appearance of braces on them
  • Wants a quicker solution to crooked teeth
  • Enjoys sticky, crunchy, or otherwise ‘problematic’ food that braces prohibits
  • Participates in sports or musical activities
  • Grinds their teeth
  • Sensitive to pain

Invisaln Teen is the solution to all of these common problems that traditional braces bring to your teen’s lifestyle.

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