How Long Should My Teen Wear Braces?

Teen Orthodontics

Some teens want to get braces, but some do not. Typically most teens will need to get braces, and they will most likely wear them for anywhere from 6 months to two years. Teen Orthodontics is different from adult orthodontics, in that teens teeth move differently. Let’s explore the different aspects of braces so that you can be prepared for the whole process.

Types of Braces

Braces correct teeth alignment problems because they put pressure on the teeth. This eventually moves the teeth into the right position, and eventually makes them straight. Although most teens will only need to have braces that include brackets, wires, and rubber bands, sometimes you teen might need a bit more.


These attach to the teeth and are connected to both wires and rubber bands. 


The wires are tightened slowly over some time to make the teeth straight.

Rubber Bands

Many teens like rubber bands because they come in fun colors.

Color Options

Metal braces are very common amongst teens and are often the cheapest option. Clear and white ceramic braces are the next most common form of a brace and are much harder to see than metal braces.

Hidden Braces

Lingual braces go behind the teeth and are hidden compared to standard braces. The next form of “hidden” braces are known by the brand name Invisalign. These are clear plastic trays that look almost like teeth whitening trays. Most teens do not get these braces because they are more expensive than other types of braces.

What is Headgear?

Headgear is usually only worn at night, but it is a circular-shaped wire that attaches to the teeth in the back. Headgear is necessary when it comes to difficult teeth that need more strength to move them. If your teen has a small mouth, your orthodontist might recommend removing a few teeth to make space for the headgear, and the other teeth.

How Long Should My Teen Wear Braces?

The length of time that your teen should wear braces depends on the problems that exist. Although the average is two years, it might depend on if there is only a bit of movement needed, or if there is more required work.

After braces, most often your teen will need to wear a retainer. Although this looks like a simple piece of plastic connected to wires, it is extremely important. The retainer will keep their teeth from falling back to where they originally sat, negating all of the work done by the braces.

Caring for Braces

It is very easy for food to get stuck in braces. To avoid this, your teen needs to focus on avoiding foods such as popcorn and apples. They will also need to brush and floss as much as possible. You should also schedule both regular cleanings and checkups to look for cavities while the braces are on. 

At AABraces we can help you understand all of the necessary processes involved with braces. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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