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School Lunch Ideas With Braces

January 19th, 2019

For most kids, life with braces can be an adjustment at the beginning. At All About Braces, we want to make this transition to braces as easy as possible, especially when it comes to food. We will give you the tools to navigate what to eat and what not to eat to ensure your orthodontic treatment goes as planned while you still continue eating the foods you love! This starts with school lunches. Whether you are bringing your lunch from home or are buying lunch at school, we want to prepare you with great school lunch ideas that will pair nicely with your braces and fuel you throughout the school day.

great school lunch ideas

The Classic Sandwich

Our children’s and pediatric orthodontists always recommend sandwiches. They are a classic lunch food, perfect for kids with braces and teens with braces, and you can prepare a variety of sandwiches with different meats, cheese, vegetables, and bread. Both sandwiches and wraps are soft foods that pair well with braces and will not damage your brackets or wires. However, we do suggest avoiding any “rubbery” deli meats. Sometimes, boiled or thick cut hams or turkeys can be quite rubbery and therefore difficult to chew. Good options for sandwiches are high-quality ham and cheese, the all-time favorite peanut butter and jelly, tuna or chicken salad, and any other toppings or condiments you enjoy.

Pastas, Soups, Casseroles & More!

If you want to switch up your lunchtime foods from sandwiches, there are many hot-lunch options that are great too. Most school cafeterias have a microwave that you can use to warm up your food, therefore allowing you to enjoy your favorite meals from home. All of the following meals are great for kids with braces:

  • Various types of pasta with your favorite sauce
  • Soups or stews with meat, vegetables, or pasta
  • Casseroles with cooked meat, vegetables or pasta
  • Any type of hot sandwich like a grilled cheese
  • Ground meat, including meatballs or meatloaf

All of these options are easy to chew and will not cause problems for your braces while at school. Remember, after lunch, our orthodontists at All About Braces to recommend brushing, rinsing, and cleaning your teeth and braces to ensure food particles are not stuck in between the teeth and braces.

Foods To Avoid

Throughout your orthodontic treatment, you’ll be reminded of which foods you can enjoy and which foods you should avoid while wearing braces. For school lunches, we suggest avoiding the following foods:

Hard & Crunchy Foods

  • Hard & Crunchy Foods: taco shells, raw fruits, and vegetables (like apples or carrots), chips or popcorn
  • Acidic or Sugary Drinks: soda, citric fruit juices, energy drinks
  • Sticky Foods: chewing gum, taffies, or caramels

By avoiding these foods, your teeth and braces will be in better shape and your orthodontic treatment will go as planned. If you do ever eat something that damages or breaks your braces, please contact All About Braces immediately. We will schedule an appointment and ensure everything is working properly!

Call All About Braces Today!

For any food concerns while at school or questions about what you can and cannot eat, please ask our children’s and pediatric orthodontists. Our team will be more than happy to help you answer any questions you may have. It is our goal to make this process as easy as possible for your child or teen. Schedule your next appointment with All About Braces or contact us directly! We have 3 offices conveniently located in Denver, Lakewood, and Aurora. All About Braces looks forward to seeing you again soon!

How Smiling Affects Your Happiness

January 19th, 2019

At All About Braces, we want our patients to smile wide and bright throughout their day and every day. We want to give our patients the best smile they can have, not only for functional orthodontic reasons, but also to give them the confidence and self-esteem to do everything they want to in their life. Our orthodontists believe, and scientists have proved it, that smiling can increase your overall mood and therefore, your happiness in life. It is our goal to give our patients the highest quality orthodontic treatment to in turn provide them with a beautiful smile that they are proud of. From early orthodontic treatment to adult orthodontics, it is our mission to increase the happiness of all patients throughout the Denver, Lakewood, and Aurora area!

Smiling Affects Your Body Positively

Every time you smile, you send little messages to your brain to feel happy. Smiling actually causes our brain to release dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin into our bloodstream; all of which increase our moods, decrease our heart rate and blood pressure, and decrease any pain the body is feeling. Ultimately, smiling is pretty important to the body and it can do some pretty amazing things.

Smiling Affects Other People

At its essence, smiling is contagious. The more you smile, the more others will smile around you! This can create a positive chain reaction in your school, office space, and even in your home. Not only will you increase your overall mood, but you can contribute to the mood of those around you. Our brains naturally mimic others around us, therefore it's easy to encourage others to smile. Smile bright and big and you may just change someone’s day from bad to good!

Orthodontics: The Science Of Smiling


It is scientifically proven that smiling helps our own bodies if we smile more frequently and it also helps those around us too. So what are you waiting for? Come get the smile of your dreams to increase your happiness and the happiness of everyone in your life. At All About Braces, we truly believe that a straight, functional, beautiful smile will increase your ability and willingness to smile and ultimately, increase your happiness. Whether you are a child, teen, or adult, we have various orthodontic appliance options like Invisalign and braces. We are absolutely positive that we can find the best treatment for you!

Call All About Braces For Bigger, Brighter Smiles Today!

Do you want to smile more? Are you not entirely confident with your current smile? Let’s change that! Call or visit All About Braces today! Our orthodontists and team will be more than happy to discuss all of our orthodontic options like early orthodontic treatments, Invisalign teen, adult orthodontics, and more! Schedule an appointment online or call one of our locations throughout the Denver, Lakewood, and Aurora area. We look forward to giving you the smile you’ve always dreamed of!

Invisalign Videos

November 26th, 2018

Invisalign Treatment in Aurora & Denver, CO

At All About Braces, our mission is to help patients throughout Aurora, Thornton, and the greater Denver area achieve beautiful, healthy smiles through convenient orthodontic treatment. As a leading orthodontist serving patients of all ages, we're proud to offer a wide range of orthodontic treatment options – but one of the most popular and convenient is Invisalign clear aligners. Invisalign is a great option for achieving a new smile conveniently and virtually invisibly, and if you're interested in pursuing a new smile with Invisalign, we'd love to help. Check out the videos below to learn more about Invisalign and find out if it's right for you!

Schedule a Consultation with Your Denver Orthodontist

Interested in seeing how Invisalign can improve your smile? We'd love to help! Contact us today to learn more about Invisalign treatment or simply request an appointment online at one of our greater Denver metro area orthodontic offices. We can't wait to hear from you, and we're excited to help you achieve the smile of your dreams!

Digital X-Rays

November 19th, 2018

Convenient Orthodontic Treatment in Arvada & Lakewood, CO

You deserve a smile you're proud of, and at All About Braces, our mission is to help you achieve one in a way that works for your lifestyle. As a leading orthodontist serving the Aurora, Thornton, and the greater Denver, CO area, we're proud to offer a wide range of orthodontic treatments, and we take every step to ensure that the orthodontic treatment process is as safe, easy, and convenient as possible. As a part of that commitment, we're proud to use iTero digital x-rays in our office: a low-radiation alternative to traditional dental x-rays.

The Benefits of Digital X-Rays

X-rays are one of our most helpful tools in diagnosing orthodontic conditions, because they allow us to see what's happening underneath the level of the gumline, exposing impacted teeth, problems in the tooth roots, and giving us a clearer picture of tooth alignment. In the past, orthodontists would take analog x-rays using x-ray paper. Now, however, there's a better option.

Our office is proud to offer digital x-rays to all of our patients, providing a safer, more convenient alternative to traditional x-rays. Digital x-rays still use x-rays to scan the teeth, but the x-rays go to a digitized receiver that creates the images on a computer. This comes with a number of benefits, including:

  • Less Radiation:

    Digital x-rays require significantly less radiation to create, meaning they minimize radiation exposure and keep patients safer than analog x-rays.

  • Enhanced Imaging:

    Digital x-rays use advanced software to produce clearer, more detailed images of the teeth, making it easier for your Denver orthodontist to diagnose orthodontic conditions in detail.

  • Editing Abilities:

    With digital x-rays, we're able to mark the image on the computer, giving your Arvada orthodontist yet another tool for diagnosing your condition and planning treatment.

  • Easier Storage & Faster Access:

    Because we can store digital x-rays in your patient file on our computer, it's much easier to keep them safe over time and pull them up when we need them.

Contact Your Thornton, CO Orthodontist

All About Braces is proud to use digital x-rays to provide more convenient, safer orthodontic treatment to our patients, but this is just one aspect of our commitment to our patients. If you have more questions about digital x-rays or the treatments we offer, we'd love to hear from you – simply reach out to us at our contact page. We can't wait to speak with you, and we look forward to helping you achieve your dream smile!

Early Prevention

November 19th, 2018

Orthodontic Treatment for Kids in Denver, CO

At All About Braces, our mission is to help patients of all ages achieve a beautiful, healthy smile through orthodontic treatment. We're proud to serve patients throughout Aurora, Lakewood, Arvada, Thornton, and the greater Denver, CO area, and we offer a wide range of treatments including braces and Invisalign to help you achieve your dream smile. While braces are common for teenagers and adults, sometimes the best way to achieve a healthy smile in the long-term is to start early. If you're a parent of a young child, here are a few tips for helping to minimize the need for orthodontics in the future.

Why Do Kids Get Orthodontic Problems?

Before we dive into orthodontic prevention tips, we'll need to add a qualifier: ultimately, it's impossible to entirely prevent the need for orthodontic treatment. Orthodontics is the only way to ensure a healthy smile for the long-term, and most people develop some form of orthodontic malocclusion regardless of their own actions. The reason for this is that the human mouth isn't usually big enough to fit of our teeth: unless you're your child was lucky enough to be born without wisdom teeth, they'll probably need orthodontic treatment.

How to Prevent Orthodontic Problems

That said, there are a number of things you can do as a parent to help minimize treatment need and prevent orthodontic issues from getting more serious than necessary. The first step? Start early! The earlier you start to monitor and address your child's smile, the better their chance of achieving a healthy smile in the long-term. In keeping with the American Association of Orthodontists, we ask all parents to bring their children in for an initial consultation by age 7 – but in some cases, we need to start earlier.

Bad Childhood Habits for Teeth

In particular, we may need to pursue early orthodontic treatment if your child develops one of a number of parafunctional habits. These are habits that negatively affect the growth and development of the teeth and jaws, and if left unattended, they can exacerbate existing orthodontic problems or create new ones that weren't originally there. If you notice your child developing any of these habits, it's time to start addressing them and bring your child in for a consultation:

  • Prolonged Thumb Sucking:

    The sucking reflex is a natural instinct, and it's common for infants and babies to suck on a thumb or finger for comfort. However, if this behavior continues past age 4, it can start to warp the development of the teeth. Prolonged thumb sucking produces a malocclusion called an open bite, in which the upper and lower teeth don't overlap when the mouth is closed. The best way to prevent this is to break the thumb-sucking habit after age 4, which we can do easily and painlessly through orthodontic appliance therapy.

  • Tongue Thrusting:

    Some kids learn to swallow in a way that pushes the front of their tongue against their upper front teeth in a phenomenon called tongue thrusting. Unfortunately, tongue thrusting also causes open bite – so if you notice this behavior in your child, it's time for an appointment.

  • Mouth Breathing:

    It's perfectly normal for kids to breathe through their mouths occasionally. But if your child breathes only through the mouth, leaving the mouth open at all times, it can actually affect the development of the muscles and bones in the face, causing orthodontic problems. If you notice your child doing this, we recommend bringing them in for a treatment consultation.

Contact Your Denver, CO Children's Orthodontists

While there's no way to avoid orthodontic treatment for certain, keeping an eye out for these habits and ensuring you bring your child in for an early consultation is the best way to ensure their chances for a great smile and minimize the amount of treatment they need overall. Feel free to contact us if you have more questions about early orthodontic treatment or want to schedule a consultation for your child. We can't wait to hear from you, and we wish you luck in ensuring a healthy, beautiful smile for your little one!

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