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Clear Ceramic Braces in Denver

At All About Braces and Colorado Orthodontics, we offer many different types of braces so that you can choose the option that is best for you. One of the options growing in popularity for our Metro Denver area patients are clear ceramic braces. The popular clear braces Denver prefers are a type of orthodontic appliance that function similar to metal braces except that the bracket is constructed of ceramic instead of metal. The ceramic used can be white tooth-colored or it can be created in a more clear translucent color. These clear ceramic braces are often preferred because they are less noticeable than traditional metal braces and they type of ceramic used is usually determined by which more closely will blend with your natural tooth color.

As with metal braces, a metal archwire is still used with ceramic braces that runs across your teeth and is held in with elastic bands. This archwire can sometimes be made of a frosted metal or white to further blend in with your natural tooth color.

Pros and Cons of Clear Ceramic Braces

  • Less Noticeable. The most prevalent advantage to using clear ceramic braces is that you won’t look like you’re wearing braces - especially from a distance. This makes them a great choice for many of our adult patients who are more worried about the way metal braces may look.
  • Effective. Clear ceramic braces are considered just as effective as metal braces at moving teeth and correcting difficult orthodontic problems. Where some patients might prefer Invisalign clear aligners due to their unobtrusive nature, sometimes they are not a good fit for the level of orthodontic challenge. In those cases, patients can feel confident in wearing clear ceramic braces and enjoying effective but camouflaged treatment.
  • Weaker. Clear ceramic brackets are made from composite materials that are weaker than metal braces. This makes it even more important to stay away from hard and chewy foods and candies.
  • More Expensive. This type of bracket generally costs more than traditional metal braces. The cost of braces is different based on each individual’s treatment needs. Contact our financial experts for more information on the cost options.

Find Out More About Clear Braces Denver & Front Range

The professionals at All About Braces and Colorado Orthodontics are happy to discuss the types of braces that we offer and answer all of your questions about each type. Call today for your initial consultation and discover the advantages each type of braces treatment offers. With Colorado offices in Denver, Thornton, Arvada, Lakewood, Highlands Ranch and Aurora, there is sure to be a convenient location close to home. Use our easy online appointment request form and we’ll get you scheduled right away. We look forward to creating that perfect confident smile for you!

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